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  • Project Webs
  • Active Learning
  • Low teacher - child ratios
  • Nurturing well-trained staff


  • Preschool (2-3 years)
  • Pre-Kindergarten
  • School-Age
  • Toddlers (12 months): Moraga & San Ramon
  • Kindergarten: Lafayette & San Ramon



Over 37 Years Educating and Caring for East Bay's Children

Since 1976, our preschools have utilized the most current educational programs within a caring and supportive community for children and families. What sets us apart is our unique curriculum and dynamic environments that spark children's excitement and curiosity for learning.

- R. Ann Whitehead, M.S. Educational Psychology, Exec. Director / Founder



The Child Day Schools' Dynamic Programs

Our programs include the High/Scope research based philosophy along with the Project Web curriculum. Our programs meet the National Association for the Education of Young Children’s (NAEYC’s) Accreditation Standards, including low teacher-child ratios. Our environments, similar to Montessori, promote children’s explorations. However, we also emphasize dramatic play, social interactions and creativity. Children engage in developmentally appropriate activities-- promoting skills for kindergarten and activities that help them understand the world around them. Our low teacher ratios allow nurturing and well-trained teachers to support children throughout the day.

Young Preschool (Two’s)

Teachers support children’s emerging language, self-help and social skills. Project Web Topics are planned to help these young preschool children begin to understand the world around them. This program also encourages a wide range of activities, including simple art projects, music and movement.

Preschool (Three’s)

This program supports three year olds (preschoolers) as they begin to learn self-help skills and social interactions through conflict resolution. Project Web Topics promote vocabulary, beginning science, alphabet, counting and problem solving along with creativity, music and movement.

Pre-Kindergarten (Four’s)

In preparation for kindergarten, activities promote vocabulary, the alphabet, and pre-reading skills through phonics games, rhymes, and word play. Project Web topics reflect science exploration, math and numbers, logical reasoning. Creativity, socialization, music and movement are also emphasized.

Junior Kindergarten (Jr. K)

Junior-Kindergarten is geared for older pre-kindergarteners and those not yet ready for kindergarten. It emphasizes phonics, printing, science and math each week. Project Web Topics promote children’s discoveries through hypothesizing, experimenting and problem solving. It also includes art, music, and life skills.

Toddlers (12 to 24 months) (Moraga and San Ramon campuses)

Toddlers explore and discover in a gentle nurturing environment. Teachers work closely with parents to meet children’s needs, appreciating their unique qualities and developmental level. Teachers promote emerging skills in speech, and large and small motor development.

Kindergarten (Lafayette and San Ramon campuses)

This program is an integrated curriculum model providing core academics including phonics, printing, reading, and math. Kindergarten children also study in-depth subjects on science, social studies, art, music, and drama. We also emphasize conflict-resolution and life skills.

After-School / School-Age (Antioch, Pleasanton, and San Ramon campuses)

Supportive teachers plan activities such as science projects, arts and crafts, cooking, as well as extended field trips in the summer. Life skills promote children’s empathy, self-reliance and team building.

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